Friday, 31 December 2010

End of day...

... end of another year.

I have decided to be a boring bastard and not go out to celebrate the passing of the year. Just not in the mood. If anything, all I have a desire to do, is sit in front of the TV at home, have a nice cup of tea. Cuddle on the sofa.

Ok. Skip the last one, if there was someone to cuddle on the sofa when I got home, you know what I would say ? I'd say, 'hey, what the fuck are you doing in my flat ! - and while you're at it, take your god damned shoes off my sofa'.

Or something like that.

2010, wasn't after all the hype and excitement, the year that we found a strange monolith on the moon. No.

2010, was the year that I completed a 100 page script (Retro Rocket), for script frenzy. It was the year Helen and I started working on our next stage play. I wrote another two scripts for Beacon.  I also completed nearly 17,000 words towards my NanoWriMo entry, even though I didn't reach the 50,000 needed to finish, I was kind of distracted by the other massive eventful thing that happened this year, and only occurred in the last few weeks.

Yes, of course, I'm referring to the new flat. Fantastic flat. Yes, the one that due to a distinct lack of internets have not been able to blog about. Yeah, cos that's the reason.

So bearing in mind all the things that have happened this year, and some of them have been way short of what I had wanted, some of them have exceeded my wildest expectations.

Gotta have a plan.

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