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The Amaz(ing)-on Kindle 3

5.0 out of 5 stars Amaz(ing)-on Kindle (3rd Generation), 3 Nov 2010
This review is from: Kindle Wireless Reading Device, Wi-Fi, 6" Display, Graphite - Latest Generation (Electronics)
I've now had my Kindle for about three weeks, and I can't imagine life without it. I'd understood that there were delays with the delivering of the units, so was entirely surprised when I went to the post office (as I'd not been in when they'd tried to deliver it) to collect what I thought was the less exciting case... but was in fact the Kindle itself. The guy behind the counter in the post office must have thought I was a right weirdo, as the moment I saw the box that is the subject of so many youtube unboxing reviews, my face was beaming. I was excited and eager.

I was due to catch the bus for work in 20 minutes time.... the clock was ticking...

I got home, quickly put a camcorder up to record the opening, as it was a one time event, just in case I felt the need to video a review later on. I've just never gotten round to it.

Just how indispensable I've found the device is demonstrated by what a panic I got into yesterday, when I thought I had lost it at work. Thankfully someone had handed it in. My beloved Kindle was safe and sound.

I have to say, the product is fantastic. In all of about 2 minutes I'd opened the box, turned the Kindle on, connected to my wifi network, downloaded all my books, and was ready to go ! The screen is so easy on the eye, reads well, even in sunlight. I've made great use of being able to email the PDF files of scripts that I'm working on, so that I can read them much easier without having to kill a couple of hundred trees every time.
even without playing with zoom or orientation, PDFs look great

I was also impressed with the 'experimental' browsing experience. Come on guys, don't be shy, there's nothing experimental about it. It works like a charm, does the job for reading text based sites. I also like how pictures that I've emailed to the kindle look on the screen, I've sent a few over just to test the technology out, and I have to say they look better in black and white.

I have yet to actually connect my kindle to a pc. All the books, PDFs and pictures that are now on my device, are there because I emailed them to my '' address. What a brilliant and simple idea,  a wonderfully easy to use way to get anything (that's supported) onto your device. It certainly doesn't need someone tech savy to set that up !

In a world where I am used to charging so many devices every day if I expect to get anything near a usable experience out of them, to have one that I have only needed to charge once since purchasing is brilliant.

One of these pictures is from the 'dead tree' version....

...the other is from the Kindle's screen...

I've shown it to people at work, and there is a gathering of drooling book reading people who just get that it's not an Ipad wanna be, it's an ereader. A very capable ereader that just works, looks and feels great and has a brilliant price point. I've taken two pictures, one of the same part of text in a book, the other, on the kindle itself. I think my rush to take the picture so I can catch that bus doesn't quite do it justice. Hopefully you can see that the Kindle screen is a brilliant reading display. There are no prizes for guessing what book this is. I don't know, to be honest why it would make sense to spend an extra £40 on the 3G version when there are so many free wifi spots around. I also cannot believe that the branded cases offered by Amazon represent that much value for money. (I got mine off Ebay for half the price - I just wasn't convinced that a case that hooks on by those ... hooks is really going to work in the long term, or that the device won't end up damaged if it gets knocked.

What do I love about it ?

  • It fits in my coat pocket. 
  • Its light. Easy to hold. Easy to carry
  • It feels 'right'. The page forward/page back controls are just right.
  • The price point. If it drops below £100 you really don't a reason not to get one.
  • For reading, the screen is so much better on your eyes. No strain. 
  • Battery lasts, like 'forever' (results may vary - I'm speaking figuratively)
  • Document portability. The email files to thing is a master stroke of genius.
  • Wifi connectivity. You're not tied to a PC.
  • 'Experimental' Browser. Understated-ly brilliant for viewing text based web content.

If you read books or scripts, I have one simple piece of advise. GET THE KINDLE. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT.

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