Monday, 31 May 2010

Barbie (no Ken) - Just some food, some home made scifi and a load of friends

Last night was the annual Beacon Barbie. This year moved to a date in
May, in an attempt to find some better weather.
Following an excellent recent trend of being packed to the rafters - or
to the marque at least, with a very well attended gathering. Being the
premier viewing of the end of 2009s season of The Adventures Of Stephen
Brown. 'War Of The Words', which was written by Chris Wilkes and my good
self. It was well received, and I have to say the effects and editing
were very well done. Matt Hampton did a great job of directing and
editing the show. There was the odd little thing, that perhaps could
have been done better (damn that boom, wanting to get in on the action
so darn much)... and, Matt, all I can say is 'EXIT'. Nuff said.
It was a good night out. Sadly Helen couldn't make it, she had too much
to do in the office.
What was even stranger, for me was that I didn't take one single
picture. No shaming of people with some facebook tagging.

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