Saturday, 29 May 2010

Bad Blogger....(again)

Okay, so I've been a bad blogger. A very bad blogger.

What's happened in the world since the last time I made an entry ? Oh, only the general election, a surprise coalition government shared between the Conservative and the Liberal Democrat parties, The series of Dr Who so excitedly received in the last entry is over halfway done, streams of volcanic ash have grounded planes in the UK, leaving thousands of people stranded.... err what else ? Oh Apple have put their ipad on sale in the UK...

Lots of other stuff happened.

I entered Script Frenzy, technically, entered twice. The script that I was writing with Helen, the one about facebook's part in the destruction of society (it's a comedy) is still not finished. We are only about 30 pages in, and at this rate it doesn't look like it is going to be finished any time soon. We are both keen though, and there is hope that it will be made into our fourth stage show, though not any time soon. By soon, I mean THIS YEAR.

The other script, RETROROCKET I did get past the 100 page target by the end of the month of April. I actually got to somewhere around 106 pages. The sad thing, is that it is also still not finished.

Both scripts have one thing in common, is that I have avoided a scene by scene breakdown. It is something that I will never avoid again. I have gotten used to working that way, and it helping me frame the story, and pace myself. Otherwise I find the dialogue just running away from me. I can sense the rewrite is going to involve something of a cull.

Oh well. Beacon Bar-b-que is this weekend, with the premier of the current season's finale for The Adventures Of Stephen Brown.

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