Thursday, 26 November 2009

Scottish powers for a scottish parlament ?

You mean, actually give people a responsive parliament that is geographically and administratively closer to them ? Surely not ?

Isn't that what democracy is all about ?

I do wonder what the hell the point is in these devolved governments (Wales & Scotland) not having complete and far rangingly comprehensive powers that allow them to actually, well... do stuff.

Surely unless they actually have powers of some sort, it's just a large, very expensive talking shop ? Our union, (the United Kingdom) was constructed in much different times. Perhaps there would be no need for these local parliaments if the one in Westminster was actually any good.

Maybe Guy Fawkes would have done us a favour had he been successful ? Would a new building have made a different type of parliament ? We make much of ours being the oldest democracy in the world.That doesn't make it the best does it. From what I have seen the Scottish Parliament has been much more responsive, nimble in fact and innovative in thinking about how it goes about delivering the changes the people require.

So why can't ours ? Is it too stuck in the past ? Feet firmly planted in the 19th century, and trying to make it relevant to the Britain of the 21st.

With a general election looming at some point in the new year (looming ? It's looming is it ? Like some form of impending doom ? - maybe) I wonder how popular it would be for someone to suggest that they convert the Houses or Parliament into flats, and then tell all the MPs that they have to do their debating on Skype in future. Think of the money we'd save.

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