Monday, 23 November 2009


First day of my holiday. Aim of this one being to get my Christmas shopping done.

Well that's the theory anyway.

Really, I'm just glad that I'm off work for the week. It's a bit of an endless onslaught at the moment, and that's something that has been going on for so long, I can't really say when it started being like that. Equally, I can't really see when I expect it to end. I'm determined to not spend my holiday pondering what it is that makes work such a pain in the arse at the moment.

In a moment, in the flash of a moment of drive and energy, I will leap up out of my chair and set about cleaning my flat. At the moment it looks like some sort of small dirty bomb went off. (not the 'dirty bomb' that have nuclear material in them, but the kind that creates mess and dirt).

Still, it's only going to get dirty again, isn't it ?

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