Friday, 10 January 2014

Sleep ? Who needs sleep ?

Friday January 10th 2014. 00:24.

Can't get used to this sleeping lark. My body is tired in the morning, my mind wide awake at night. If only it were possible to rest them in turn, at different times.

Perhaps I could take to watching soap operas. After all, I would then be able to rest both my body and my mind.

I worked a late night at work on Wednesday night. I ended up actually getting to leave the building about twenty to nine in the evening. Despite the slight frustration at being kept back so late, I did actually rather enjoy the walk to the bus station (and back home after getting off the bus) in the crisp, damp, winter air. The stars were out. It was just nice to get some fresh air.

The other thing that worked out rather well was that leaving that late, but not late enough to miss the bus that I needed to catch home. I actually only waited at the bus stop for about three minutes before the bus turned up.

The light alarm that my Mum and Dad bought me for Christmas has meant that I've gotten up much more on time each morning. It would be wrong for me to say that this means I am leaping out of bed every morning with a zest for everything that the new day brings.

Talking of which, I need to get some sleep. I really do. Damn you awake mind.

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