Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Keboard testing ?

This is me trying to use the new wireless keyboard for my ipad. I have to say that so far, in the few seconds.....

Ease to set up. Excellent.

Snug Bluetooth Keyboard
Typing experience ? Rubbish.

The keys are very small and take quite some getting used to. The position of the arrow keys in particular means that each time I want to press the shift key, I end up instead, annoyingly selecting the up arrow and thus losing my place in the page. I am having to go back and correct a lot of words.

It's a cute little keyboard, but I am just finding it hard to use. This morning I was using the bluetooth wireless keyboard from my iMac with the iPad. I found that to work very, very well. This is the bit where I do wonder if the choice to not go for the Asus Transformer Prime was the right one. A physically connected keyboard that rather than drain power through bluetooth use actually adds to the battery life of the unit does seem to be a wildly better design idea.

One of the things that I had thought about was that using Celtx with the screen in portrait is better than landscape because it is closer to the orientation of an A4 piece of paper. I've used the iPad mostly in landscape format, switching to portrait when I want to read a particularly wordy webpage.

I do find my fingers gravitating toward a touchpad that just isn't there.

This concern with screen orientation overrode the possibility of a fixed - and therefore not battery sucking bluetooth - keyboard. Am I second guessing my decision because of recent Apple announcements about my (not-so-new) iPad ? Or because of the groupon email I got this morning offering the Asus Transformer Prime for 359 pounds. (can't use the proper pound sign as there isn't one on this keyboard).

After all, the Asus may actually have been a better machine, but the reality is that I can't afford it. I am as yet unsure if I will keep this bluetooth keyboard (by Snugg). The appearance is nicely sympathetic to those of the iPAD itself, I just don't know if I can get round the keyboard layout and size. I'm getting more used to it as I type this comment. Jury still out.

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