Sunday, 29 August 2010

Excitement is building

Seemingly a rather hectic, and pivotal day. I had a meeting today to chose the tiles, worktops, cupboards and flooring for my new flat.

The developers (Taylor Wimpey) gave me a voucher to entitle me to £3230 worth of decorations choices.

The flat. Still under construction.
I had been worried that the amount I had to spend, with the voucher would leave me having to settle for staid and boring choices.

This has most definitely not been the case. I've made some quite bold choices, figuring that if I'm going to have the opportunity to create a statement, without having to do all the work, I may as well make the most of the situation.

I did have to be careful not to get carried away. It made sense to start with figuring out how much the flooring was going to cost, as that was going to be taking the most out of the budget available. Once I'd worked out that tiling throughout was not possible everything else was just a process of elimination or pointing 'I want that one' when looking at a set of samples in the sales office.

As you can see from the pictures, things are coming along nicely, and the visible progress in the construction of the flat itself, and the meeting today serves to
excite me further.

When I decided to proceed with the purchase back in June, the expected completion date of December seemed so far away. Now that is much, much closer.

My parents, who are also purchasing a property on the development, are due to move into their new home at the end of October. Next month ! Next month !

I'm still amazed frankly by the idea that without realising it was at all possible, I am going to be ending this year in my own flat, which is certainly a development (no pun intended) that was not anticipated at the start of the year.

Just need to make sure I can afford it now, don't I.

In other news, Helen and I are doing well with the new play... but more of that later..

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