Friday, 2 April 2010

The Writing's on the Wall

This post was originally written in the early hours of Tuesday March 30th. Due to internet skulduggery it didn't get posted.  

Helen came round last night, and rather than do some more filming, we got started thrashing out more of our story for scriptfrenzy. As the near 100 post-it notes testify, we came up with more than we thought we would. We were both suitably impressed that we had achieved so much from what looked at the outset like it would be such a waste of an evening. Once the pizza was ordered, and Helen started on the vodka, I would have predicted a slow decline into near slumber. Me, I was on the tea all night. Just didn't fancy the vodka.

Anyways. We took the original ideas, of about 20 items or comments on single sheets of pocket note paper, and expanded them.. evolved them, and the story along with it. What's resulted has both impressed and shocked both of us. The story seems to be headed into territory that was neither asked nor desired of it. But like a child that you nurture, watch develop and grow into someone who does things you would never even have considered doing.. so does the script. This did seem to happen with each of the plays that we've written. Interestingly though, it doesn't seem to happen so much with any of the scripts I've written for The Adventures Of Stephen Brown, or Doorstops.

What had begun life as a visual comedy piece about the over reliance of technology and lack of human contact in society, to something that sits rather uncomfortably with the horror of the collapse of a society so far up it's own backside that it could brush it's own teeth from behind.

Not quite sure what my landlord would think of the post-it notes on the chimney-breast though. They do come off. Honest.

It's been SSSSSSOOOOOO long (that's a very long time indeed) since Helen and I got so wound up about a project. Not since What On Earth Is Happening (performed December 2006) have we had the energy, inclination and er... idea to put into a stage show. What we've come up with, could probably fill a stage show to brimming, perhaps even a film or book(s) or 6 part serial. There are plenty of works that have explored what happens to a post apocalyptic society. Some old, some new. I haven't come across any that explore it in the way that we want to though.

How can I talk about this, without giving away SPOILERS ???? Oooh it's hard to say. Do I need to worry that if I give anything away it will spoil it for anyone ? Is anyone really THAT interested ? Isn't it just me that keeps coming to the page and notching up another number on the visitor counter anyway ?

The idea is going well. We're going to write it as if we didn't have to think about the practicalities of putting it on in a place like St Peter's Theatre. This will give us free creative reign as we 'lash out' setting up our newly created world.  Itching to get started on April 1st. April fools' day. Just how appropriate vs ironic that works out to be, I guess only time will tell. Helen wanted to cheat, and start writing the script ahead of time, because no one would know. We would know. What's the point of joining in on something for the sake of doing it to gain the feeling of achievement, and then kidding yourself you did it, when you didn't.  You're only cheating yourself, the teachers would tell us.

Anyway. I need sleepy-byes. Simples. Nights to all.

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