Friday, 18 December 2009

The Power Of Television

Of all the things doing the rounds at the moment, including the cold that I've picked up..I've stumbled upon this article on the BBC news website :-

A man has been jailed for killing his wife in an argument by throwing their TV remote control at her. Unfortunately, unknown the herself and her husband, the victim suffered from a weakened artery in her neck. By 'fluke' the remote control struck her at that exact place, resulting in her dying from a massive brain haemorrhage.

How awful. It just goes to show that there are consequences you might not consider to a lost temper.

We're not told what the argument was about. Was it about which channel they should watch ?

It's sad but also true that incidence if domestic violence increase at Christmas time. Just when families should be enjoying spending more time with each other, the stress of all the planning, preparation, desperately fighting your way around the shops to purchase all those 'must have' presents seems to push people over the edge.

Season of good will ?

Maybe there should be less spending of money, and more spending of time instead. We all keep asking for a simpler life, but want someone else to simplify it for us.

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